Initiative „four annual celebrations of mankind“

The initiative is committed to set up four worldwide, annual, two-day celebrations for all people on earth:


  • Celebration of the beginning of life – Welcome to all newborns of the year
  • Celebration of the End of Life – Farewell to all deceased of the Year
  • Celebration of the diversity of all people
  • Celebration of the emotional connection of all people


This proposal shall be further developed in open, world-wide debates in order to receive approval of as many individuals and groups as possible. The elaborated version will then be submitted to the UN General Assembly for a decision.


The expanded, irrevocably widening perception and shaping of the fellowship of all human beings on this earth leads to extended problems and conflicts for each life, individually and generally. In this situation we need to remember together the existing similarities of humanity in a new way. To do so we should focus on the special human way to perceive the common natural and universal circumstances of the beginning and end, the diversities and emotional connection.

This special experience of the beginning and the end, the diversity and the emotional connection of a whole life is a hallmark of humanity from the very start. It is unique for every single person and one and the same for everybody.

All relatively stable human communities have developed special gatherings for every single experience of these situations.

They are key situations of each individual and shared human life. They show an individually and generally desired humanity in a special way, at a special height. These are the high seasons of life.


The presentation of this initiative is connected with an invitation to support and / or participation.
If you are interested, please contact me.